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Enabling our older pupils to become a ‘Buddy’ is one of the ways we encourage our children to be involved in school life. During break times we have designated ‘Playground Buddies’ to support anyone who feels they may need them. The Buddies will be trained to look out for any pupils who are in need of a friend and they will also be taught to mediate in minor disputes.

Playground Pals

Meet our fantastic ‘Friendship Buddies’ (Peer Mediators) who help make our playground a fun place to be! Pupils from Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 undertake training in how to mediate between their friends and encourage everyone to be a good playground pal. This training aims to give pupils a sense of responsibility and to teach them the skills they need to resolve conflicts peacefully without the need for adult intervention. If children are lonely, have no-one to play with, need to talk or have help with a problem, they can go to a friendship Buddy. Our designated buddies are identified in the playground by their bright yellow waistcoat.

Children who applied to be a friendship Buddy knew they would be a good playground pal because:

“I make people laugh”

“I sort out problems”

“I love helping people”

“I can make new friends”

“I like being a role model”

“You get to help people make friends, therefore, it makes the school better.”

Better Buddies!

Well done to the children who completed Buddy training this week! Pupils investigated the skills needed to fulfil their difficult role as peer mediators and discussed some daily problems they face when trying to ensure our playground is a safe, happy and fun place to play. Our buddies recognised the importance of:

  • working as a team
  • respecting others voice and feelings
  • showing kindness through words and actions
  • building trust between buddies and their peers    

Check out our photos!

Marvellous Me! Kids spent time getting to know their fellow Buddies over some tasty M&M’s.

Human knots! Teams had to untangle themselves by working as a team. Kids quickly learned the importance of listening and cooperating with each other.